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Legal Ghostwriting Services

Insurance Law Podcast Discusses How Ghostwritten Reports Can Affect Claimant Outcomes

Legal ghostwriting services affect claimant outcomes, indeed!

legal ghostwriting services

“How Expert Witnesses Should Handle Attempts to Ghostwrite Reports and the Impact on Liability Claims”

October 26, 2018 - Timely information for a Podcast

OLDWICK, N.J.--()--A.M. Best and Best’s Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource have released the latest installment of the Insurance Law Podcast, a series that examines trending claims and insurance issues.

The episode, titled, “How Expert Witnesses Should Handle Attempts to Ghostwrite Reports and the Impact on Liability Claims,” discusses why experts are asked to endorse ghostwritten reports, even though the practice is considered unethical and illegal and can lead to an unfavorable ruling for the claimant.
The podcast features Dr. Janine McCartney of HHC Services, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. McCartney is a senior safety engineer and expert witness, with over 25 years of experience in the field.
HHC Services, Inc. is a qualified member of Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys and Adjusters, including Expert Service Providers, a claims industry resource that has featured qualified legal counsel, independent insurance adjusting services and expert service providers since 1929.
Listen or subscribe to the Insurance Law Podcast.
A.M. Best is a trusted source of insurance market insight and data, and the only global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry. Best's Credit Ratings are a recognized indicator of insurer financial strength and creditworthiness. Visit for more information.
Copyright © 2018 by A.M. Best Company, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

LEGAL GHOSTWRITING SERVICES are a specialty of Ghost Writer, Inc. We can do ethical, timely work for you. This would be on a freelance basis. It is up to the individual ghost on our team to decide what to do and how to do it. In an ethical, affordable and timely manner for your needs.


Ghostwriting for Content

Content Development Pros Officially Expands Its Book Writing Services to Cater to a Wider Audience

Thought leaders, influencers, and professionals that want better exposure can now share their knowledge and stories, establish expertise, and gain national recognition by hiring Content Development Pros to ghostwrite a high-quality, custom-written book.

By Cision, PR Web


Content Development Pros, a digital marketing company that has completed over 60,000 unique projects for its clients, has recently expanded its book writing services.

For over a decade, the organization has provided book writing, formatting, proofreading, and editing services to its clients. In fact, a number of books and eBooks they’ve written have gained their authors national recognition and even made it to Amazon’s Best Sellers lists.

Recently, the organization decided to make it easier for individuals that have an idea for a book to get it ghostwritten and published. They’ve made this possible by reducing pricing, improving internal processes, and even providing easy payment options for clients that place an order for larger books.

Content Development Pros has also made book printing, ISBN number issuing, and Amazon publishing available to all their clients. With these recent additions to their already fine-tuned process, Content Development Pros has made it extremely easy for customers to convert their ideas into high quality books.

In an interview, a representative from Content Development Pros shared,

“In the world of ever-increasing competition, where people are continuously looking for ways that can give them an edge over others, having an authoritative book published under your name opens many new doors of opportunities and success – both at a personal and professional level.”

Sharing your valuable knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the world adds to your personal and business credibility. Furthermore, it provides a great number of material benefits and enables you to generate more leads, close bigger deals, and potentially earn more money.

The benefits of having a book ghostwritten under your name are tremendous. There’s a reason why such high percentage of successful athletes, celebrities, and business moguls have authored and published books.

No other medium allows you to convey your message and share your story as effectively as a book. The connection that you develop with your audience through a book is incomparable. A book, provided it’s well-written, takes the readers to another world – a world that the writer has created – and makes it easier to inspire and persuade them to take a particular action.

Traditionally book writing and publishing has been exclusive to the elite. However, Content Development Pros have made getting your book ghostwritten and published affordable.

The categories of books that they have on their website include:
Fiction Books

They are available for hire for further categories of books and eBooks such as recipe books, how to guides, business books, memoirs, children books, and more.

Over the years, the organization has written hundreds of amazing books for aspiring and established authors, start-ups, reputable organizations, and businesspersons.

For more information about their book writing services, please reach out to Content Development Pros today.

About the Company
Content Development Pros is a leading content provider. The company provides various content solutions and offers specialized services such as SEO, web design and development, and video making services.

The services they cater to span from blog management and article writing, to holistic monthly services such as content marketing. They’ve completed over 60,000 projects successfully for clients from across the world.

Contact them today for a free proposal today!

Phone: 1-877-897-1725
Email: contact(at)



Ethical Book Ghostwriting Services

What Are Ghost Writing Services? How To Get Started

By Karen S. Cole - Book by Sheila E.

ethical ghostwriting services

You may have read the title of this post and thought what in the world is ghostwriting services? Well, I am here to tell you all about it, and how you can make a great income from being a ghost writer.

Making Money Offering Ghostwriting Services

Are you a good writer? Are you an expert in a particular topic? Offering ghost writing services is a great way to get paid to help someone who has the expertise, but not the writing skills. A ghost writer is normally one of the first jobs a freelance writer can get because there is a high demand for ghost writers. Normally, a ghost writer is someone who writes for another person without getting credit for their work. Depending on who you are working for you may have the option of giving your name, or it might be anonymous. Often times, when you offer ghost writing services you are writing from the point of view of the person who hired you. So, for example, if I hired a ghost writer I would take credit for their work.
Many blogs and online websites are in high need of ghost writers so they can keep up with the amount of content they put out each day. After doing some research on sites that offer ghost writing services it seems like most ghost writers get paid around $50 per article, but it can be upwards of $500. I am sure you are sitting there right now thinking “Wow, I can bang out a few articles per day.” While that may be true, many ghostwriting jobs have specific requirements and in many cases require research on your part.
Being a ghost writer is similar to bring a freelance writer, but a freelance writer usually picks their topics and writes the article and then sells their work. Where as, a ghost writer is given a particular topic and a deadline.
While you can make money from ghostwriting services, there are pros and cons to becoming a ghostwriter. Here are a few to consider:


  • You do not have to worry about public criticism
  • High need for content
  • Easy to find work
  • Pays high
  • Work at home
  • Work as much or as little as you choose


  • You will not be able to build expertise since you are not given credit for your work
  • Anonymous name on the articles
  • Research
  • Strict Deadlines
If you are thinking that being a ghost writing is a good option for you to start making money from home then you can check out the sites below and create an account as a writer.

Need Ghostwriting Services?

If you are looking for ghost writing services there are many sites out there to make your search easier. If you have a blog and need an article written or a great idea for a book, but you are not a great writer or do not have the time a ghost writing service can be your solution. If you need a ghostwriting service, but aren’t sure how to find one, here is a list of 4 sites you can use to hire a ghostwriter.
Odesk – You can post the job that you need done and freelance writers will see the job and respond. Over 1 million companies use this site to hire freelance writers.
Business Ghost – This company offers everything from ghost writing to manuscript revisions.
Ghost Writer, Inc. - We are different, and far more ethical than everybody else. GWI charges the lowest fees possible, we get people's feet in the door. Payment plans per month, the whole amount upfront or half upfront, half upon completion. We give you terrific professional writers. Who don't charge an arm and a leg. We don't usually do "on spec" or percentage work. Unless you are a major celebrity or part of a TIMELY news event. Not, yesterday's news. We WORK for you. GWI will bend over backwards trying to get your writing professional. Sharp, clean and consistent.
KA-Writing – NY Times bestselling editor and ghost writer Kevin Anderson and Associates offer Ghostwriting, Editing, and Publishing Services.
Guru – Post your job for free to find and hire a talented freelance writer.
Hiring a freelancer over an established ghost writing service may be a less costly option, but to be sure of quality, ask freelancers to show you samples of their work. Check out the sites above and if you have questions, give them a call or send them an email. This will help you choose the best ghost writing service to fit your needs and get your post, article, book or speech written.



Celebrity Ghost Writer and Book Ghostwriters for Well-Known People

‘Steve Collins said I only helped him with the spelling. That hurt’

The ghostwriters: Paul Howard, Ann Ingle and Catherine Cleary on writing books for well-known people

celebrity ghostwriter Ann Ingle

Ann Ingle, ghostwriter of ‘Driven’ by Rosemary Smith

I’m an accidental ghostwriter and it’s all Paul Howard’s fault. My friend Paul, the Ross O’Carroll Kelly creator, had interviewed racing driver Rosemary Smith, during research for his excellent book on Tara Browne, I Read the News Today, Oh Boy.
Rosemary told him that she was looking for someone to write her life story and Paul thought of me. I think the main reason Paul put the two of us together was because we are of the same vintage. Glamorous racing legend Rosemary Smith is 81 now and I am 79. Paul piqued my interest, by sending me a radio interview she had given to Ray D’Arcy, but still I wasn’t sure.
Then Paul told me she was also racy in a different way, having had flings with Adam Faith and Oliver Reed. That clinched it. I had to meet her.
I met Rosemary Smith for the first time in the bar of the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin. She had brought along photographs of herself with famous people and lots of pictures of cars.
The cars meant nothing to me, I don’t even drive. I didn’t know an Aston Martin from a Ford Fiesta. I also told her I had never written a book before but she didn’t seem to mind.
I went home and Googled how to be a ghostwriter, but that didn’t help. Eventually I worked out my own strategy, which was to record every word she uttered as we sat together over our coffee, and then go home and transcribe it. That way I became familiar with the language she used and could be faithful to her way of saying things.
That was essential. It was Rosemary’s book and I had to tell her story in her voice, and lose mine, somehow.
For the next year and a half, we met every Tuesday morning at 11am at the Royal Irish Automobile Club on Dawson Street. The first few sessions went well until I discovered that Rosemary’s memory could not be trusted. When she told me the date of her marriage, she was out by two years. This meant I had to fact check everything and I spent hours on the internet, verifying was she first or second in that rally, did she have that crash in the 1963 Monte Carlo, or was it 1964?
I bought books on racing and rallying and double-checked everything. I read what people had said about her over the years and found old television footage. I was mesmerised by the beautiful young woman in the American TV programme What’s My Line, in which she appeared in 1966, shy and self-effacing. Rosemary is a strong-minded woman, with decided views on many things, and once I came to terms with that, our relationship flourished. Rosemary says that I know more about her than she does herself.
When the courier arrived on my doorstep with the finished product, I felt a great sense of achievement and gratitude. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to be “Mrs Ghost”, as Rosemary calls me. I was honoured to tell her fascinating story. Driven is published by Harper Collins.

Paul Howard, ghostwriter of ‘Celtic Warrior’ by Steve Collins and ‘Time Added On’ by George Hook

I’ve had two very different ghostwriting experiences, one bad, another great. Celtic Warrior was my first book and also my first big break professionally. It happened at a time when Steve Collins got the Chris Eubank fight, a potentially career-making bout. I was 24 at the time and thought it could be a career-making book for me too.
In the end it didn’t really sell. Publishers had taken a gamble thinking Collins would sell books but it didn’t pay off.
Two things you hear ghostwriters gripe about are money and credit. It pays much less than people think and the writer, despite all the graft, doesn’t usually get as much credit as they’d sometimes like.
When Steve Collins went on Kenny Live he was asked him about the book and Collins said that I had just helped him “with the spelling” which, at the time, really hurt after all the work I’d put in.
A few years later when Collins was being sued in a breach of contract case, it was suddenly in his interest to change his story. He told the court he called me the Milky Bar Kid and said I’d written the whole thing.
The experience with George Hook was very different. He’d obviously thought a lot about his life and many of his stories had been honed over the years on the after-dinner circuit. I’d go home and transcribe the tapes and Hook’s voice was clear – it was more an act of literary ventriloquism than anything else. I’d had to struggle a bit more to find the voice of Steve Collins.
When it comes to marketing ghostwritten books, it’s important to let the public believe it’s written by the celebrity. There is supposed to be only a vague hint of the ghostwriter in the entire process.
Good ghostwriters should be, as the name suggests, invisible. By the time I’d written Hook’s book, I was established myself and I didn’t need credit. My name appears only in the acknowledgements and that’s as it should be.
The biggest tip I’d give someone ghostwriting a book is not to impose your style of writing or speech on another person.
I once read an autobiography by snooker player Jimmy White in which he described a piece of chocolate cake as “beguiling”. That was it for me. I couldn’t read any more.
Dancing With the Tsars by Ross O'Carroll-Kelly is out now

Catherine Cleary, ghostwriter of ‘The Stars are Our Only Warmth’ by Alice Leahy

In 2016 I found refuge in a basement on Bride Road in Dublin’s inner city. Mondays with Alice were spent sitting in a room stacked with an assortment of knitted hats or chocolate biscuits, bars of soap, shampoo, deodorant, from the web of kindness that supports her team’s work with homeless people in The Alice Leahy Trust.
We were knitting together her life story, starting in her home place Annesgift near the Tipperary village of Fethard. In the stone yard on a freezing January day we tried to imagine the servants’ daughter who had the run of the big house, the little girl who loved horses and dogs and believed in her right to be heard.
We toured the abandoned corridors of the Dublin hospital where she trained as a nurse and the inner city streets where she first inhaled the unmistakable smell of poverty.
Making a memoir teaches you a lot about memory, how we use our imaginations to remember the stories of our lives. I was not so much a ghost writer as a ghost medium, putting flesh back on bones, inviting Alice’s past selves into the room and interviewing them about their extraordinary experiences.
“Hello younger Alice. How did it feel to gently disarm an angry man swinging a sharp knife at you?” It was a privilege to write in the first person voice of someone else when that first person was Alice Leahy.


Google: GHOST WRITER, INC. for your Ghost Writing, Ghostwriting or Editing book, screenplay, music, freelance and contracted copy writing, and all of your writing related needs. Ghost Writer, Inc. also has top level marketers, promoters, and publishing or optioning assistance services. Visit (only one "w") as soon as you're done with this blog, if you are serious about your worthwhile project. We will consider doing work for non-profit organizations, if we can get a grant for ghostwriting or editing a book project, or something along those lines. Thank you for your valuable time.



Interview with Book Ghostwriter Karen S. Cole - Head of Ghost Writer, Inc.

Karen S. Cole, Ghost Writer, Inc.


Well, I guess it mainly started when I was about ten. I wrote an assignment called “The Elephant in the Window” about how an elephant (to me, symbolizing the Republicans) was looking into people’s windows to see what they were doing inside their houses. It got an A+ and I began dreaming about becoming a fiction book author.

When I was fourteen, I stood in our basement reading my 2,000+-copy comic book collection. Turning some pages, I ran across Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics maven, and his infamous bullpen of writers. Having read Philip Roth’s related works, I began dreaming of becoming a book ghost writer myself. Envisioning my own company and founding a ghost writing services agency called Rainbow Writing, Inc.

I finally realized this dream in 2003, when I was 42 years old and had been freelance writing on and off over the years. In 2011, I rebranded and became Ghost Writer, Inc. which you can find under various keywords on Google. It’s entirely a business run by me through the friendly skies of the Internet, or the Wild Wild Web as I like to call it. Been at it now for fifteen years, with no plans to stop offering clients affordable ghost writing services.


I’d say it was a part-time process at first. I wrote some in-house stuff for Starbucks, articles for various Internet agencies on a variety of subjects, and five books for Harlequin Romance during the 1980s. Had an article on the front page of Seattle Downtown News, wrote for the disabled community, did book reviews, and worked on a variety of freelance writing and editing jobs. I’ve always worked on prose or poetry, never done any screenplays. But members of our GWI team do scripts, music, tech writing and other stuff I don’t do.

All during my day job, I cared for disabled people as a home health care aide or nurse aide, from 1980 until 2001. For one year, I worked for Internet Advancement as an SEO specialist. But in January of 2003, I finally started Rainbow Writing, Inc. and really began ghost writing in earnest. My first truly ghost-written book was published in 2004 and 2005, and it sold over 20 copies per day from its book sales website.


Basically, I’m a hip shooter. I call ‘em like I see ‘em! Lately, I don’t work on incoming manuscripts for clients as much. I’m semi-retired, and I send work leads out to my team of 200+ ghosts, editors, marketers, illustrators and others. But when I do work on a book manuscript, first I ask the author client what type of writing, editing etc. it needs.

If starting from scratch, I create a book outline showing all the main points that the book will cover. Usually just a one-page document. And a book timeline, which Larry Leichman of The Floating Gallery told me about when I first started working with them. This document lays out all the important events in chronological order and lists when they occurred.

Another thing I’ve done for a lot of my author clients is telephone interviews. Where I ask them questions over the phone. Also, like this interview by you, Clancy, I do email questions and answers with them. I type everything into Word documents for editing and re-editing as I go along.


The technical work is easy. And the freedom is tremendous. As a freelance writer, I set my own time and payment schedules. As a book ghost writer running a ghost writing services agency, I work whenever I need to, and take off all the time in the world. This works great, I don’t need to report to a boss when I want to take a few days off with the family. As to the work, it’s a labour of love, work intensive when I’m doing it. But I just lay out a schedule and stick with it, to complete my work on time every time.


Sticking with the original author client’s voice can be difficult, if they really don’t have a voice. Some people just spurt out similar-sounding stuff, and it can be hard to detect exactly what their writer’s voice, style and reasoning sounds like their way. And some clients can be very picky about how they want their finished work to read.

Others will start a project and then quit part way through, stating they ran out of money or time. Sometimes people get sick and must quit a project. Once you’re involved, this can be hard on you. One of my clients had to quit because his sister-in-law interfered, saying she was going to sue him if he included his brother in his book.

But the hardest part of running a ghost writing services agency or company is getting work leads to come in. I constantly need to redo our business website to accommodate modern SEO (search engine optimization) practices. Right now, I’m getting ready to rewrite the site to greatly increase landing page conversions. To land more clients to send out to writers on our team, and better jobs for everyone including me.


Like I said before, my day job was nurse aide. Living in home doing personal care for physically and mentally challenged people. That all changed when I got remarried and began working steadily as a book ghost writer running ghost writing services, founding my own agency. As to any past metaphysical existences, I tend not to believe in that sort of thing. But if I was anyone else in a past life, I hope the karma was good enough for this time around.


I’ve had several of my ghost-written books placed into the Library of Congress, including “The Boys of Birmingham” which was about the assassination investigation of Dr. King’s death. It was the first time the real story behind the investigation ever saw print. I’ve also ghosted a work about a ten-camp Holocaust survivor. And I’ve won several writing awards, including poetry awards through many years ago, before took it over. Such as Poetry Ambassador, and others.


Right now, I’m revising our business website to accommodate better website organization and to cause better client leads conversions. So, I’m not working on any book manuscript myself for the next few months. We are also moving out of the house we’ve been living in for the past ten years. This is taking up lots of my time. I could potentially take on a manuscript project, if things let up a little. But for now, I’m sending work on to our 200+ team of ghosts and others - and trying to take it easier this summer than before.


When people treat me right, that’s the thing that inspires me the most. If a client is friendly, cooperative, polite and timely, it really helps me a lot. The same with all my writers. I’m a believer in the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Every day, I do my best to be professional in all regards, not lose my temper, excel in offering our services and otherwise run a smoothly efficient, operative business with a smile.

I will write in any genre. Over the years, I’ve written in most of them, everything but technical writing. That type of writing is way too specialized to just pick up on it without lots of prior experience and training. But I’ve found over time that memoirs tend to be my specialty. I’ve simply had more requests for life story writing and creating memoir work for our author clients. Other than that, fiction-wise I tend to enjoy writing science fiction.


Nothing but the usual ones: write, write and write some more! And read even more than you write. Keep a daily journal and write down all your drifting thoughts and insane ideas. Especially the ones for new books and articles you could write. Finally, if you don’t have a degree or certificate in some form of writing, get one. It really helps you to land more jobs. Get published, list your services on, Freelancers and other places online. Take work for low prices at first, as you build your experience charge more.


The types of compliments I tend to get are, “You’re so timely,” or about how I respond quickly to emails and requests. And compliments on how well I stick to the original voice of an author client. Also, I get praised about how well Ghost Writer, Inc. delivers on our promises of good work at great pricing. We have several five-star Google Reviews attesting to this. Compliments about our writers reflect well upon Ghost Writer, Inc. as a ghost writing services company, every time an author client is grateful for our services.


I remember something years back about how “I can get work at less than half this price (it was already quite low) in China and India, yadayada…” And sometimes a potential client will say they can get it done by a “kid down the street” or their “best friend” and they don’t need our editing. This is after they’ve contacted us.

All these people have been hugely rude, nasty and impolite. One of them seemed about to hire us for decent money, then they said, “I got a guy who knows people at Marvel Comics, goodbye!” I don’t like “problem” clients who mistreat me and our other writers, they can be a real pain.

It’s hard to tell in advance which ones are going to turn out to be that way. Every time, I do my best to screen out the weirdos and wackos. But some of them come on as normal at first. Then they become a nightmare. One thing: after all these years, GWI has never been sued. Not even once! We always offer great service at affordable pricing and fulfil our clients legally in every way. So, nobody has had any valid complaints yet.


Going for long drives to enjoy the gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery. And to take walks in our local parks, down trails by the water. This is great during the summer months especially. In the winter, I love nothing more than being contented to read wonderful books of all types and varieties. I keep on the lookout for new books that I’m likely to get a big kick out of. Books that challenge my mind, and books about “Star Trek” and other subjects near and dear to me that are more fun than challenging.


I am going to continue running Ghost Writer, Inc. and handling incoming ghost writing related leads, including marketing, promotions, sales, publishing assistance and other such business. Hopefully until I’m ready to fully retire, which should be around 2028 or so. Or later. If I want to or must, I’ll work until I’m 90 or 100, if I’m around that long. It’s fun!


You can find our ghost writing services company or agency at or by Googling Ghost Writer, Inc. Be careful on the spelling, there are other companies like us out there. But none of them offer you the bestselling authors and ghost writers we have at GWI. For the most affordable ghost writing prices, rates and fees on the open market. Email me at (remember, there’s only one “w” in rainbowriting) and call me at 425.205.9707 West Coast Time, Seattle area.

Our blog website is located at and is loaded with blogs about the business and nature of ghost writing and editing. You can find a list of my short stories at also. As to books, three are currently published under my own name. You can get print versions on Amazon under author name Karen S. Cole. But here are free ebook versions you can download to check out the quality of my own writing:  - The Rainbow Horizon: A Tale of Goofy Chaos. This is probably the world’s very first multicultural humor novel. It’s set in the Pacific NW and is a rollicking romp of a good time.  - Woody Allen Makes a Nice Sandwich: Horror Pastiche, Stories & Poems. This is a tribute to a great man and artist, whom I still am loyal to in spite of the scandals about him. The book is a collection of short stories, not mainly about Woody, though. – The Book of Nice Monsters: A few Scurrilous Drawings. This book shows my side as a Native American artist, and it’s inspired largely by the works of Dr. Seuss.

 CLICK HERE to go to Ghost Writer, Inc. for pricing and contact information. Thank You!