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Ghostwriting for the CEO: Not as Spooky as It Sounds

Mary Clare Novak  |  May 3, 2019

ghostwriting for ceos

Do you ever stop and think about how famous athletes, politicians, and musicians have the time to write an entire book about their life while working tirelessly at their full-time job?

Save yourself some time: they don’t.
It is not uncommon for influential people from all professions to hire a skillful writer to compose materials for them. It might sound a little unethical, but as long as the author has good intentions, the writer is compensated, and the readers get what they are expecting, it is fair and legal. The proper term for this action in leadership communication is ghostwriting.
More people use ghostwriting than you think. Barack Obama, William Shakespeare, and Kanye West have all hired ghostwriters to produce materials for them.
The same goes for the CEO of your business. As a person of power, your CEO has a lot of valuable information with little time to share it.
That, or they aren’t the best writer.
A good CEO will recognize this and outsource their communicative tasks to a ghostwriter.
If you have the time and skill, they might pick you. Nervous? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide for the process of ghostwriting for your CEO, along with some skills you’ll need to create the expected materials.

Ghostwriting for your CEO

The ghostwriting process is a bit different from other forms of writing. While most writing includes the author becoming an expert in a topic, ghostwriting requires you to create a relationship and become an expert on a person to speak on their behalf.
Here are the four steps to get you there:
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