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Ghostwriting for Content 2018

Should Ghostwriting Be Part of Your Content Strategy?

Rachel Haberman | August 6, 2018 | 7 Minute Read

ghostwriting for content 2018

For obvious reasons, the Internet is mum on just how widespread ghostwritten content is—but the sheer explosion of content over the last decade suggests the answer is “very.” It’s hard to imagine that all the executives and founders bylining op-eds and blog posts have the time, never mind the writing talent, to deliver that much content. Ghostwriting, on its face, is the natural solution for meeting this demand.

The pressure to produce content under an executive byline, however, can make it easy to justify cutting corners (not to mention costs) with an unqualified and under-resourced ghostwriter. Before marketers turn to ghostwriting as the automatic answer, it’s worth an honest look at the pros and cons—and whether it’s really a strategic solution or a default response. Only then can we argue for the resources it takes to produce high-quality ghostwritten content.