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The Importance of Using a Ghostwriter

Why do people use ghostwriters?

By Karen S. Cole

why do people use ghostwriters

I just purchased new computer equipment. It’s a Lenovo instead of a Hewlett Packard this time. HP was made in Germany, then came to the United States and then traveled back to Germany. I dreamed of getting another Toshiba Satellite, made in Japan where they invented the transistor that enabled the personal computer to occur, but this idea was better: Lenovo is simply simpler. The keyboard is more or less like an old fashioned typewriter. It starts, stops and is a nightmare’s dream when it comes to not over-sizing the type on a regular basis. I may finally be being held in the arms of Lenovo.

It’s Swiss or something. Did you know the Holocaust, the stealing of their wedding rings and other jewelry…the money was carried by the Nazis up to Switzerland. Our Internet was built upon the bones of the Catholics, Jews (vu den), the Protestant sects and the Nazis themselves, mainly German soldiers with no way to go home. You can’t go home again – Thomas Wolfe, American writer.

Why do people use get important points across to their readers

Perhaps you don’t know what that means to me. Perhaps you do. It means a great, great deal. I feel like I am somehow engendered, in order to do something important in the world, after millions of people died so that I could end up with a personal computer. So I put together a blog called Serious World Politics. It is an attempt to tell the whole world what Pogo had to say, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Nobody, not even England, is to blame for the worldwide presence of “little schools” and concentration camps. So when we screw with the “enemy,” we get screwed. The best I can say for them is they create jobs, coming from The Inquisition, which is still active in both Italy and the Philippines. That much I know. I’m a ghostwriter, who runs a ghostwriting service. It’s hard work, day after day, but once one is born one must remain alive unto the end, my friend.

So think about that the next time you see someone use a ghostwriter.


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